Drupal Module Development

Duration: 12 hours Training materials: slides, code samples Prerequisites: familiarity with Drupal and its contrib modules from a user perspective, some PHP knowledge, basic MySQL knowledge, a general understanding of Linux-based systems

How Drupal modules work

  • What is in a Drupal module
  • The Drupal hooks system
  • Finding your way in the Drupal API documentation

Basic module implementation

  • Creating a .info File
  • The Drupal Schema API
  • Creating a basic .install file
  • Describing and documenting your module: hook_help()
  • Exposing blocks: hook_block()
  • Testing your module

Forms and theming

  • The Form API: building, validating and processing forms
  • Theming your module and forms
  • Setting permissions: hook_perm()

Versioning and updating

  • Versioning scheme for Drupal modules
  • Writing update functions
  • Ensuring a smooth upgrade path

System integration

  • Logging events: hook_watchdog()
  • Scheduling operations: hook_cron()
  • Drush integration

Best practices

  • Splitting functionality in submodules
  • Writing localizable modules: the t() function
  • Writing secure modules
  • Contributing your module to drupal.org

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