Code-driven Drupal Development

Duration: 12 hours Training materials: slides, code samples Prerequisites: some experience with developing Drupal modules, familiarity with Drush, a general understanding of Linux-based systems

The Power of Code-Driven Development

  • Code, configuration and content
  • Issues in distributed development
  • Issues in upgrading a production site
  • Database dumps and their shortcomings
  • Faster development with Drush

Basic Work with Features

  • The Features module
  • Creating a Feature
  • Maintaining a Feature
  • A closer look at the Features engine

Working with Multiple Features

  • An efficient directory structure
  • Features boundaries
  • Avoiding transversal Features
  • Naming conventions: Kit

Making Configuration Exportable

  • Items exportable out of the box
  • Direct integration: the Features API
  • The CTools module: exportables
  • The Entity API
  • Example: the Strongarm module

Project Bootstrap

  • Managing every site as a distribution
  • Makefiles and Drush Make
  • Installation profiles and their customization
  • Hard and soft configuration

The Code-Driven Workflow

  • Updating Features as modules
  • Updating sites/distributions using the install profile
  • Handling concurrent developments on the same site
  • Structural and incremental updates

Advanced topics and guided examples

  • Building truly modular features
  • Features inheritance
  • Overriding existing Features
  • Deploying a Features server

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